Ashdown Psychotherapy Coleman's Hatch, East Sussex


Life events may have left you feeling that sharing your feelings may be dangerous or feel unsafe. When we are younger the decisions to stay safe will have been important for survival. In a safe and trusting environment believe that sharing your thoughts and feelings can feel like a relief and can help with reflection and self-awareness. Self-awareness is the key to taking back control of your life. I work collaboratively and am respectful of your pace and inner resources, offering a supportive and non-judgemental approach while appropriately challenging you. The aim is to help you to realise your full potential and to develop new strategies where old strategies are no longer helpful. Developing self-awareness is an important goal and can lead to spontaneity and the capacity for real and meaningful relationships. No change will be instantaneous but can be full of rewards.

I aim to actively and empathically listen to what you have to say to help you get in touch with, understand and express your thoughts and feelings about issues that cause you concern. I want to help you to explore probable sources of your concerns and co-jointly develop strategies for managing these thoughts and feelings and their accompanying behavioural manifestations.


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